Christenson Surfboard - BANDITO by Chris Christenson - 9'3” x 22 3/4 x 2 7/8 - CX02231

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Model: Bandito
Size: 9'3” x 22 3/4 x 2 7/8
Coloring technique: Tint (Color by pigmented resins)
Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester Resin)
Finish: Polish
Fin Set Up: Single Fin (1 Fin)
Fin System: Single Box

Christenson Surfboards | Bandito


 · A piece of traditional longboarding · 

This board is far faster in trim and sensitive off the tail. The Bandito maintains its hold while riding from the nose through critical sections. A pretty flat board with little to no rocker and sharp rails that was designed for technical surfing. Not for noseriding. It asks for long lines, turns and speed, working best in knee to head-high, long waves. 

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 · Built to cruise · 

It has been proven as a traditional log that will handle whatever you can throw at it. The refined 50/50 rails, continuous curve, wide point pulled back and shallow nose concave holds through turns with no resistance and locks in while trimming and walking the board. 

Pukas Surf Shop Christenson Bandito

 · Bandito stock dims · 

This shape is the perfect balance between performance and tradition.

9'0" 22 1/2" 2 13/16" 64.3L
9'3" 22 3/4" 2 7/8" 68.3L
9'6" 23" 3" 74.0L
9'8" 23 1/4" 3 1/16" 77.7L
10'0" 23 1/4" 3 1/16" 80.4L


 · Bandito Custom Board Builder · 

If the sizes we are holding in stock don't suit your needs, play with our Custom Board Builder. You will be able to modify the length, width and thickness, while messing around with colors, fin systems and glass. Link here.

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 · Christenson all day long · 

Christenson Surfboards is that all time classic brand with a hell you a logo that you would love to take with you on every step of your day.

And, believe it or not, that is now possible. Christenson has recently delighted us with a clothing collection that will make your dream come true. The classic Christenson skull won't be absent in your life anymore. Browse the collection here.