Dead Kooks - SALTY - 6'8" - SALTY68

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Model: Salty
Size: 6'8"
Coloring technique: Tint (Color by pigmented resins)
Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester Resin)
Finish: Sanded
Fin Set Up: One Plus Two (1+2)
Fin System: Single Box + Futures Side Bytes




· Model: Salty

· Size:  6'8"

· Reference: SALTY68

· Shaped by Eden Saul

· Shaped in Australia and finished in France.

· Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester resin)

· Fin system: Futures System

· Fins not included: for this Surfboard we recommend the FUTURES - HAYDEN 6'' - 1+2 FINS


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This one will be the most performance oriented midlength: "Consistent rocker and a more pulled in outline, flat to panel Vee bottom with a more modern rail and tucked edge."


Pukas Surf Shop - Dead Kooks Surfboards

The Salty is a versatile midlength: Smooth surfing, drawn out clean lines and tight pocket hooks, it will cover and deliver.  Dead Kooks suggest to run it with side bites for maximum for performance, added drive and hold when really pushing it.  

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Eden Saul shaping where the magic happens at Byron Bay


This piece of foam has been shaped in Byron Bay, Australia. This coastal town in the southeastern Australian state of New South Wales is the breeding ground for some of the best surfboard builders in the world.

Eden Saul, the man behind Dead Kooks, has played a big role making us understand why owning an alternative surfboard is important. It wasn't a surprise when Eden was invited to the Electric Surfboard Acid Test by Stab. Get to know more about Saul in this shaper profile video. 

"One of the joys of making boards is that you can bring to somebody’s life from a little piece of foam and fiber glass that you get to make with your hands.“ –Sean Paul

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The reason behind this rack is no different from any other ventures in our history: we could not find a simple, versatile and easy to assemble wooden rack, that was made sustainably with local wood as the ones we were used to construct for ourselves for our local stores. So, we decided to find the best partner in crime for this challenge: Astigarraga Kit Line.

The Pukas Rack it may seem like a simple rack but once you start playing with it, you will see that fits any kind of surfboards that make your quiver special. This rack will facilitate its storage, accessibility and display of that special quiver of yours, even if you only have one surfboard but are planning to add more in the future.

· HORIZONTAL DISPLAY | The horizontal display is our favourite if you have a garage or a space where your surfboards won’t fit because of the height. If you have space on the wall, it is ideal to display your surfboards horizontally.

Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Rack

This horizontal display is also a great option for the Pukas Rack to assemble. It can add an amazing ambiance to show your quiver in a space if you are thinking about adding a different touch to your decor! 

 Check all its possibilities here.