Channel Islands - G-Skate by Al Merrick - 5'4" x 19 x 2 3/8 - 27.21L - CI26676

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Model: G-Skate
Size: 5'4" x 19 x 2 3/8
Volume: 27.21L
Coloring technique: Clear (No color)
Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester Resin)
Glass: Top: 4oz + 4oz | Bottom: 4oz
Finish: Sanded
Fin Set Up: Two Plus One (2+1)
Fin System: FCS II

Channel Islands G-Skate

· Wave Size | Knee to over waist.

· Wave Type | Suitable for point, Reef and Beach breaks.

· Wave Power | Responds well to week/mushy waves to over medium/steep waves power. 

· Performance Approach | Power/ Carving to cruisy/positional.

· Skill Level | good for all surfers.

· Foot Orientation | Neutral



· Fast, Skatey & Responsive Swallow Tail Design · 

Pukas Surf Shop | CI Surfboards Pukas Surf Shop | Channel Islands Surfboards


Filled with pure Gudauskas brother energy, this new Channel Islands is worth all your attention so be the first to get a nice close up look!


Pukas Surf Shop | Channel Islands Surfboards

The collaboration between Britt Merrick and the three G’s has really paid off with this new fast, skatey and responsive swallow tail design. All these features under your feet thanks to a light single to double concaves, low entry rocker, wide point forward, and contemporary shortboard rail for precision control. The CI G-Skate will bring you lightning get up and incredible speed!!

· Freedom, Looseness Plus Control · 

What will be a perfect fit for this CI G-Skate Surfboard would be a fin that allows a freedom and looseness of a twin fin but still brings a refined control of a thruster. This was key to accommodate the broad spectrum of style and approach between Dane, Patrick, and Tanner.

The AMT (Al Merrick Twin) Fin set will be CI G-Skates best friend.

Pukas Surf Shop - Channel Islands Surfboards Pukas Surf Shop - Channel Islands Surfboards

Fun and performance are the goal of the G-Skate so it will be a strong member of your quiver for sure, specially because even if a twin plus trailer fin set up is suggested, it also thrives as a thruster. Who doesn’t like some options on your board to be able to adapt to a variety of conditions, right? 

As CI says: “The G-Skate sits right above your Bobby Quad and right bellow your Rocket Wide, but is well suited to dip into the low-end wave range of the BQ and the higher end wave range of the Rocket Wide. Ride this board 3” to 4” shorter and the same thickness as your CI Pro.”

· CI G-Skate Stock Dims ·

5’2 18 3/4 2 5/16
19 2 3/8
19 1/14
2 7/16
19 5/8
2 1/2
2 5/8
20 1/2
2 3/4
2 7/8
21 3/8
21 3/4

· CI G-Skate Custom Board Builder ·

If the sizes we are holding in stock don't suit your needs, play with our Custom Board Builder. You will be able to modify the length, width and thickness, while messing around with colors, fin systems and glass. Link here.

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