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Model: Torsional Flex Tail
Size: 6'10"
Coloring technique: Tint (Color by pigmented resins)
Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester Resin)
Finish: Polish
Fin Set Up: Single Fin (1 Fin)
Fin System: Single Box

Antiestatic Hull w/ Torsional Flex Tail x Fantastic Acid 

Fantastic Acid Surfboards at Pukas Surf Shop  The beautiful mess of a busy glassing factory. Picture by Aitor Molina.


The King for Hollow and Powerful Waves

In Tristan Mausse’s words: "Antistatic Hull, antinomic design of the Paralleler Hull, was designed to tackle powerful "tube" waves. With a pronounced pintail, very advanced wide point, a fast outline and very stretched curves.”
This design is naturally surfed far above the wide point, and despite this extreme position on the nose, the surfer retains drive.
PINTAIL | The pronounced pintail allows to retain more control and handle speed easier that with a wide tail since it reduces the volume area on the rear third.
While on the face, the pintail has the advantage of being under the total influence of the wave: less width and minimum surface will enable the ‘sinking’ and stabilizing, allowing the board to follow and maintain its direction with better control.
POINTY NOSE W/ LESS SURFACE AREA | Not having part of the front rail inserting itself in the water and engaging in an unwanted curve, reduces catch on late take off’s.

RAILS | The rails are slightly lower and boxier than on a classic hull.

FINS | Flex fin with a wide base and a depth of 9'25 inches is the best suited for this hull. The position varies depending on the size and power of the wave being surfed but, generally, the trailer edge of the fin is 12 inches from the tail.

Pukas Surf Shop - Fantastic Acid - ANTISTATIC HULL - TORSIONAL FLEX TAIL - 6'10" by Tristan Mausse


Fantastic Acid Fins at Pukas Surf Shop

 Your Displacement Hull must match the right fin. Tristan holds them tight in Anglet. Picture by Aitor Molina.


The Medium base fin is a classic flex fin for any Displacement Hulls, a semi wide base for a good hold and a narrow tip for a perfect stiff flex.
perfect for:


| Antistatic Hull 7’0”

| Antistatic Hull 7’4”


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Pukas Surf Shop - Fantastic Acid - ANTISTATIC HULL - TORSIONAL FLEX TAIL - 6'10" by Tristan Mausse


We really wanted to offer you Displacement Hull designs by Fantastic Acid and the one you see here is one of the several you can take home.
However, let’s elaborate a bit more since we could say tons about these beauties.

The Displacement Hull design is a bottom (belly or convex) contour and planing surface design that can offer a very organic, flow and speedy feeling when riding the wave.
However, in order to offer that kind of feeling, we should gift the design with the right riding style and wave conditions.

Antistatic Hull x Fantastic Acid at Pukas Surf Shop

This is Tristan's room. Where the shaping magic happens. Picture by Aitor Molina.


The Displacement Hull, instead of planing up on top of the water like a regular flat or concave bottom contour, it plows through and parting the water.
Yes; The faster you go, the higher the speed, a displacement hull’s tail will sink down lower due to the “hole” created in the water as you move forward on the board.
So, the more displacement, the more control you have in the water but you need to keep an eye on the speed so you don’t end up like feeling inside a submarine, meaning, under water. It’s all about balance.

So, how do you ride it? It is a bit tricky, but once you get the hand of the adjustment, it is really rewarding. Instead of leaning back on the tail, you surf off the front foot burying the rail and letting it go.

Although new displacement hull designs will perform in a varied range of waves, they can also offer a great day of surfing in smaller surf. Why? Because surfing through the water takes less effort and energy than planning on top of the water.

The feeling you get on a displacement hull is more organic. You are more involved. You become one with the elements.


 Be Ready to Feel Like Surfing Through The Water 

Fantastic Acid Surfboards at Pukas Surf Shop

Tristan Mausse and a classy handshaped board perfectly branded. Picture by Aitor Molina.  



This is no ordinary book; it is a book about the passion, knowledge, journey and love that Tristan Mausse is still experiencing.

Not in vain Tristan Mausse uses 480 pages to document his steps and travels. This book is an open window that invites you in through his words, work, more than a 1.200 pictures, drafts ... It is like getting inside the head of someone's most intimate secrets, longings, desires and passion to know, live and share about the Hull's tight-knit community and surfboards.

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