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Pukas Wood Surfboard Rack x Astigarraga Kit Line



· Holds 1 to 10 surfboards *

 * Depending on the surfboards, can hold even more.

· Holds boards up to 9’ and above

· Made in the Basque Country, Spain

· Made from locally grown Pinus Radiata wood

· Quick and easy assembly

· 900 mm. width

· 70 mm. height

· 75 mm. until first wooden divider

· 150 mm. between dividers

· 450 mm. divider’s length

<img src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0424/0673/files/Pukas-Surf-Shop-Rack-Surfboards-medidas-2_480x480.jpg?v=1653478044" alt="Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Rack" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0424/0673/files/Pukas-Surf-Shop-Rack-Surfboards-medidas-2_480x480.jpg?v=1653478044"> 


Pukas Rack at Pukas Surf Shop



When we are asked why Pukas was born; why the surfboards; why design bikinis; why create a surf school; or, why an online store, the reason behind every answer has always been the same: we took on all these challenges because, at the time of doing so, they did not exist or were not within our reach. 

Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Wood Rack
Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Wood Rack


The reason behind this rack is no different from any other ventures in our history: we could not find a simple, versatile and easy to assemble wooden rack, that was made sustainably with local wood as the ones we were used to construct for ourselves for our local stores. So, we decided to find the best partner in crime for this challenge: Astigarraga Kit Line.

A Wall Surfboard Rack Made in the Basque Country

Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Rack. A Wall Surfboard Rack Made in the Basque Country

We give a lot of value to locally produced products and we put lots of effort in partnering with companies that share similar values. Astigarraga Kit Line, a local company with a clear commitment to circular economy.

As they tell their story, we have had the good fortune to be born and grow up among mountains and forests, those of the Urola Valley in Gipuzkoa. The founder of Astigarraga Kit Line, Juan José Astigarraga, knows it well. A forester since 1950, he knew all the nooks and crannies of his environment. Can’t count the many nights spent outdoors with his crew or carrying logs on his shoulder! This valley is where it all begins.

So, the wood used to manufacture Pukas Rack with Astigarraga Kit Line comes from forests in Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia, in the Basque Country. In addition, 100% of this wood is used in Astigarraga Kit Line facilities located in Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa).


The pine wood that we have been working with at Astigarraga Kit Line has always come from sustainably managed forests. That is why you will see the PEFC certified since 2005 in our packaging too.

Pukas Surf Shop Pukas Rack

So as far as sustainability goes, we could not find a better partner since at Astigarraga Kit Line, actively contribute to a sustainable economy, reducing the environmental impact.

This commitment goes beyond words and is accredited by the European Union with the Ecolabel certificate.


The Pukas Rack it may seem like a simple rack but once you start playing with it, you will see that fits any kind of surfboards that make your quiver special. This rack will facilitate its storage, accessibility and display of that special quiver of yours, even if you only have one surfboard but are planning to add more in the future.

Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Rack

So how should I ensamble the Pukas Rack to fit my quiver? Just follow the measurements that we provide in the following lines and images. 

Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Rack
Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Rack


· VERTICAL DISPLAY · SHORTBOARDS | The rack should be assemble and located between 1.20 and 1.50 meters from the floor. As you see in the picture, we installed our  rack at 1.40 meters for 5,4” to 6’10 boards or even guns!

Pukas Surf SHop - PUkas Rack
Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Rack

 Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Rack

· VERTICAL DISPLAY · LONGBOARDS | However, if you are thinking about a rack for a longboard quiver, the Pukas Rack is perfect for 9’ longboards and above. You only need to install the rack at approximately 2.40 meters from the floor as you can see in the picture. The result is dope!

Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Rack
Pukas Surf Shop - Rack


· HORIZONTAL DISPLAY | The horizontal display is our favourite if you have a garage or a space where your surfboards won’t fit because of the height. If you have space on the wall, it is ideal to display your surfboards horizontally.

Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Rack

This horizontal display is also a great option for the Pukas Rack to assemble. It can add an amazing ambiance to show your quiver in a space if you are thinking about adding a different touch to your decor! 

Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Rack

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