Christenson Surfboards - HUNTSMAN - 7'0" x 21 x 2 3/4 - CX02139

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Model: Huntsman
Size: 7'0" x 21 x 2 3/4
Coloring technique: Tint (Color by pigmented resins)
Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester Resin)
Finish: Sanded
Fin Set Up: Single Fin (1 Fin)
Fin System: Single Box

Christenson Surfboards


    The Huntsman is Chris Christenson's latest mid length release and he likes to ride it in 6'10".

    The design inspiration comes from the classic San Diego eggs from the mid 70's. However, this particular design has a lot of Chris' very own style and curves, making it a super fast egg. 

    The Huntsman should be ordered 4"-6" shorter than the Christenson Flat Tracker 2.0 or C-Bucket. The rounded nose hides way more foam compared to them, so you will have the similar volume in a shorter design that focuses on maneuverability and speed.


    The key to this shape, as in most of Chris' designs, is on the low rails. This incredible down railed single fin mid length features a rounded off beaked nose with foiled out thumb tail. 

    The bottom of the board starts with a simple vee in the upper side of the board, to tri plane in the middle and back to vee. It actually has a lot of vee out the back so it makes this speedy chip very easy to turn.

    This beauty of a board is typically built in these sizes: 

    6'6" x 21" x 2 5/8"

    6'10" x 21" x 2 3/4

    7'2" x 21 1/4 x 2 7/8"

    7'6" x 21 1/4" x 2 7/8"

    8'0" x 21 1/2" x 2 7/8"

    8'6" x 21 1/2" x 3

    In this video, Chris Christenson talks about his design during one of his japanese shaping trips. 

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