Joshua Keogh Surfboard - LIBERATOR TWIN by Joshua Keogh - 6'6" x 21 x 2 1/2 - LIBERATOR66

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Model: Liberator Twin
Size: 6'6" x 21 x 2 1/2
Coloring technique: Tint (Color by pigmented resins)
Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester Resin)
Finish: Sanded
Fin Set Up: Twin Fin (2 Fins)
Fin System: Futures

The Liberator Twin | 6'6"

Pukas Surf Shop - Joshua Keogh Surfboards

Joshua Keogh shaping one of his surfboards. Pic Credit Joshua Keogh


· Liberator Twin ·

The Liberator Twin came about as the natural next step to the Liberator Single: "It came about purely because I shaped a liberator single fin for myself and after surfing it a few months decided to route some future fin plugs in and set it as a twin fin."

Instantly the board went from being a nice smooth single fin to an electric feeling performance twin, the change was incredible.

The fins is the feature that makes the difference between the single and the twin Liberator model.


A Unique Surfboard & An All Round Surfing Experience

Pukas Surf Shop - Joshua Keogh Surfboards


The Liberator | Narrower more pulled in outline, increased rocker and a lower rail. Designed to best fit better quality waves or waves with a bit of a push.

“The bottom contours are relatively simple, slight roll through the nose blending into a mostly flat planing surface that transitions to a double concave / spiral vee through the tail“, explains Keogh.

All these features combined with a bit of an exaggerated tail kick, translates into a “very responsive and alive sensation when surfing from the tail.”



Pukas Surf Shop - Joshua Keogh

Joshua Keogh. Pic credit: Joshua Keogh. 


Some describe Joshua Keogh as a young man with a cosmic and sharp mind. We could not agree more when admiring the designs he comes up with and how they perform in their natural scenario: waves.

Joshua Keogh was born in a small coastal town called Merimbula in the southern NSW. A beach town surrounded by tiny mountains, if we compared them with the ones in Europe, located between Sydney and Melbourne, AUS. A town that keeps its quiet, relax and slow pace during the winter, but that attracts lots of tourist during Summer. He’s half German half Australian, and he has expressed his desire to connect with that part of his heritage at some point tin the future.

Pukas Surf Shop - Joshua Keogh Surfboards

Joshua Keogh surfing one of his creations. Photo Credit: Joshua Keogh


“Everything is unique, but at the same time nothing is unique, it’s still just a planning surface made of foam, fiberglass and resin like almost every other surfboard” –Joshua Keogh.


Pukas Surf Shop - Joshua Keogh Surfboards



The reason behind this rack is no different from any other ventures in our history: we could not find a simple, versatile and easy to assemble wooden rack, that was made sustainably with local wood as the ones we were used to construct for ourselves for our local stores. So, we decided to find the best partner in crime for this challenge: Astigarraga Kit Line.

The Pukas Rack it may seem like a simple rack but once you start playing with it, you will see that fits any kind of surfboards that make your quiver special. This rack will facilitate its storage, accessibility and display of that special quiver of yours, even if you only have one surfboard but are planning to add more in the future.


· VERTICAL DISPLAY · SHORTBOARDS | The rack should be assemble and located between 1.20 and 1.50 meters from the floor. As you see in the picture, we installed our  rack at 1.40 meters for 5,4” to 6’10 boards or even guns!

Pukas Surf SHop - PUkas Rack
Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Rack

 Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Rack

 Check all its possibilities here.