Pyzel Surfboards - MID LENGTH CRISIS - 6'6"x20 3/8"x2 9/16"x36.30L - REF:555317

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Size: 6'6"x20 3/8"x2 9/16"
Volume: 36.3L
Coloring technique: Spray (Color by airbrush)
Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester Resin)
Glass: Top: 6oz + 4oz | Bottom: 4oz
Finish: Sanded
Fin Set Up: One Plus Two (1+2)
Fin System: Single Box + Futures Side Bytes


Pyzel Surfboards


· Model: Mid Length Crisis

· Size: 6'6" x 20 3/8" x 2 9/16" x 36.30L

· Ref: 555317

· Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester resin)

· Glass: 6+4/4 > 6+4 deck and 4 bottom for a little added weight and strength.

· Finish: Sanded

· Fin System: Futures 2+1 fin setup

· Tail Shape: Round Pin

· Wave Size: 0 - 6 Ft

· Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

· Wave Type: Beach Break, Mushy Beach Break, Point Break and Reef Break



Pyzel Surfboards - MID LENGTH CRISIS - 6'6"x20 3/8"x2 9/16"x36.30L  - REF:555317


The Mid Length Crisis is here for everyone to enjoy and we love it. Jon Pyzel was working in different versions of mid-lengths but were mostly for custom orders in Japan. He would only made this specific design for a limited bunch of friends and selected customer.

The good news is that they decided to offer this design to everyone since the response to it was so great. So here we are now, with a unique design of an easy paddling, responsive and loose mid-length born as The Mid Length Crisis.


A Unique, Responsive and Loose Mid Length for You All 


Pyzel Surfboards - MID LENGTH CRISIS - 6'6"x20 3/8"x2 9/16"x36.30L  - REF:555317

· Outline | With a semi-traditional, wide-point forward outline that is sleek and racey for fast, down-the-line drive, but full bodied enough to provide added stability and glide in weaker, slower waves; this mid-length is a delish.

It has a beautiful foil from nose to tail, with a rolled deck that leaves the meat in the middle of the board to help with paddling and nicely thinned out rails for sensitivity and bite.

· Rocker | A moderate, long, clean curve running from tip to tail without any radical changes or flip. Designed for fast paddling and to easily generate speed, carry flow, and smooth turning at any speed.

· Bottom | The bottom contours are a mild vee with double concave built into it (Old school term > Spiral Vee). This just means that the board has no problem tipping from rail to rail, making smooth transitions through turns an easy accomplishment for all levels of surfer.

· Fin Set-Up | 2+1 single box, which gives you options of single fin flowing or the added drive and control of some small side-bites. 


A New Delish Approach for Your Well Known Type of Waves 

If you want feel a different approach to the same waves you've been surfing and know by heart, this Mid Length Crisis would be a great addition to your quiver for a refreshed experience.