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How to Unbox Your Surfboard


Unboxing your surfboard

Make sure that the package is OK and there are no visible damages.
If there are visible damages on the box, you have two options:

a) Make the courier know. take notes of the damages at the moment of delivery. 
Even if there are no visible damages on the package, tell the carrier to take note: "Revision Pending" before accepting the package. This will facilitate that it can be reported to the shipping company and then you accept the delivery. Often enough, the content of the package is perfectly fine even though the package looks like it had a rough journey. 

If the package is damaged outside and you don't inform the courier at the delivery, we won't be able to fill out a claim. If there are no signs of damaged packaging, please let the courier know when you signed that is pending the review of the goods, just in case the goods inside are damaged.

b) Refuse the delivery. 
If you see that the package is severely damage, you can refuse to accept it and it will be return to us at Pukas Surf Shop. However, if you decide to accept it and don't inform the couriers and make him take note of if, we won't be able to fill out a claim if the goods inside are damaged.


It may happen, even though it is rare, that the package looks perfect but the content has suffered some damage. That is why this step is also very important.
Make sure you take several pictures as follows:

> Take a clear pic of the shipping sticker that comes on the package that holds of the information of the delivery.
Pictures of the exterior of the package from different sides, angles, etc. 
Picture of the interior of the package, so it can be seen how the content was packed beforehand opening it.



Enjoy you order!


If the content shows damages, you can contact us sending us an email to

Attached in this email all the pictures that you have taken beforehand as explained in the previous steps.

Remember that if the goods are damaged during shipping, Pukas Surf Shop is not responsable for it but will fill out a claim for you in order to get compensation. You will have only 7 calendar days to fill out a claim counting from the day of reception of the package. After those 7 days, no claim will be accepted.
Also, we can not know the final compensation that the shipping company will provide for the damage goods during transport if the claim is accepted within those 7 calendar days.

IMPORTANT for Claiming Damages during Transportation | Remember that we have 7 calendar days to fill out a claim if the damages are not visible. With some couriers we only have 24hours. If the damages are visible on the package, you need to indicate so to the courier at the moment of delivery, otherwise there is no possibility to claim the damaged goods.

· Damage goods with SEUR (Spanish courier) | If you have received a package and it appears to be damaged, you must notify the delivery person at the time of delivery. If the breakage was not apparent, you have 7 days from delivery to make a claim. It is necessary that you provide: invoice for the value of the goods or proof of purchase, photographs of the goods and/or packaging. Remember to keep the packaging of the damaged goods. Follow this steps to unbox the package.

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