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True Ames loves tinkering with all the variables, and our buddy John Simon surely doesn't shy away from exploring new ideas either. We are excited to be offering some fresh quads designed by the up and coming Ventura, CA based shaper. John is youthful in terms of his spirit and also years under his belt, but what he lacks in age he makes up for in passion and the dedicated pursuit of ideation, design, and craftsmanship. As a budding, yet extremely talented shaper, we felt that John has already been down an interesting road of design-exploration through which he's landed on unique concepts built around functionality and purpose but also creativity and expression.

John's Type I quad designs feature relatively upright templates with narrow and blunted tips which are intended to create the ability for tighter arcs in curvy type waves. Here is John's take on their intended use... "They really help make my longer quad fin eggs, which tend to be in the 7'+ range, surf like they are shorter boards because of the tight turning radius and sensitivity they promote. They are also very functional on shorter, flatter, and wider tailed boards because they provide a good balance of punchy flickiness in the lip but also a lot of control in pockety waves. Smaller, tighter, and compact / bowly waves is what I had them in mind for." 

There you have it... straight from the horses mouth. Give 'em a try and see if you can't tighten up some of your turns! 


HEIGHT: 4.53" / 115 mm   
BASE: 4.53" / 115 mm
AREA: 14.92”² /  96.26 cm²


HEIGHT: 3.66" / 93 mm   
BASE: 3.66" / 93 mm
AREA: 10.01”² / 64.58 cm²

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