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Sentinel Matte Black – No Side logo


A lightweight, low-profile helmet engineered specifically for the safety of surfers and water sports enthusiasts. The Sentinel 1’s technically advanced design provides high-level impact protection with optimum aquadynamic performance. 

Why Helmets Make Sense

Look around any popular lineup these days and it’s clear: A new age in surfing is here. Never before have we seen so many wave-riding crafts out there—the gamut of modern shortboards, midlengths, longboards, stand up paddleboards, foil boards, kite boards, softboards, finless boards, kneeboards, surf mats, even the occasional kayak or wave ski.

Crowds are maxing out, especially when summer throngs peak with surf school beginners and novices who are still learning how to safely handle their boards. The exponential increase in the surfer population coupled with the variety and growth in wave riding equipment has created a situation where more risk is taken and more accidents are happening.

Impact Resistant Shell

Engineered to protect areas of the head specific to surf injuries

Low-Profile Shell & Cut-Out

Offers optimal peripheral vision and minimal drag.

Advanced Ear Protection System

Aids in the prevention of aural trauma and exostosis (Surfer’s Ear).

Low-Profile Chinstrap

Ensures secure, comfortable positioning using non-corrosive, saltwater-resistant materials.


Removable Halofit Pads ™

Advanced foam lining fit system allows for custom sizing.

Innovative Layer-Tech Padding

Water-resistant pad system reduces, absorbs and deflects impact energy.

  • Small / XS-S (52-54cm)
  • Medium / M-ML (55-57cm)
  • Large / L-XL (58-62cm)


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