What is your full name?

DIEGO: I am Diego Blanes, but in Mexico we use the second last name, so it would be Diego Blanes Garcia Cors.  

MAR: Mar Romero Lara

Where did you grow up? 

DIEGO: I grew up in a small little town called Aguascalientes, in the middle of Mexico. Pretty far away from any ocean. I had pretty simple childhood, lots of space to play and not a lot of technology around. 

MAR: I’m from Vila-seca a small town in Catalonia. I lived there basically all my life, so it’s nice being here in the Basque Country now, a whole new diferent lifestyle for sure. 

Tell us a little bit about living in the Basque Country?

DIEGO: I don’t know if live is the correct word for that, I’ve been traveling last years all around, I ended up staying in San Sebastián last year for some six or seven months, then I traveled some time and I came back some months ago, but now i moved to the French alps to keep my climbing tight, tho my girlfriend lives here, so it was a win win situation I think. But living in the Basque Country was amazing, I really enjoyed the food and the surf culture that is already immersed in that amazing area, rich in surf sports and super cool people. 

MAR: I love it, it's great .. I started coming here some years ago, and it always stayed in my mind. I find it so amazing how everything here works, basically you have anything you want! Amazing food, really good surf, an awesome culture and the people that are really aware of that and proud of their land, and that’s contagious for sure! I’m really happy living here.

Favourite surf spot?

DIEGO: My favorite surf spot, pretty difficult to answer that, I think every surf spot gives you something that will stay forever. I  used to surf without crowds most of the time, I spend a lot of time in indo and Australia, but here in the Basque Country, probably sounds ridiculous but I like the zurriola, it’s fucking crowded and some locals are pretty tough, but I’ve met amazing people here in the water and I will always be really grateful for that. 

MAR: I started surfing recently, so I have not been to many places ... But one of my favorite for sure would be Le Penon, Segnoisse. I really like the atmosphere, and all the process to get there! I feel I’m in a surf trip every time I’m heading there! I love it. 

What part of your work do you love the most?

DIEGO: I don’t even know what i work at, I am currently working at a hotel here I chamonix cleaning toilets. I’ve done a lot of different works all around the world, I guess all of them are cool. 

MAR: I just try to learn a lot from everything, do what I like and try to find my way.

What do you do in your spare time?

DIEGO: I surf most of my spare time, normally I live down the road so I have a lot of free time. I read and write a lot. I don’t have computer and my phone doesn’t have data so I’m pretty on my own most of the time. 

MAR: I love art, all kinds of art and I usually find art everywhere, I think this is a very important part of my life, without art I would be lost! I’m also really active, so I spend a lot of time doing all kind of sports. Now I’m really into surfing and skating! But I would never say no to a nice trip to the mountains. 

If you could move anywhere in the world?

DIEGO: If I could move to any place, hmm I think I would go back to Baja California. I spend couple of months there last year and i totally loved it. It’s a place where you can find your own space, it is still raw. There is an amazing coastline, and pretty isolated. You can put your tent anywhere and stay as long as you want surfing a wave by yourself. It’s perfect. Just need to be geared up, a good rig and you are ready for spending some time at the desert.

MAR: I have a lot of world to see yet, when I was young I compete in basketball and could not travel that much! But now that I’m having a diferent live style I see all the opportunities that I have, I’ve been thinking lately a lot about Indonesia, I haven’t been there but I’ve heard amazing stories from that part of the world, definitely it is in my checklist.  

What inspires you?

DIEGO: what inspires me the most is meeting people that are passionate about life, it could be whatever, their job, surfing, climbing, or even walking around I don’t know, but that reminds me to be amazed every day and appreciate what we have, and the most important to live everyday the fullest that we can. Passion I think is one of the most important things in life. 

MAR: For me everything is a source of inspiration, nature, people, strange things, basically everything, it’s just a matter of how you look at things and how much attention you put.

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