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How have you developed your career?

I started painting when I was 5. In the following years I got painting lessons until I went to college. There I studied interior design and I started to get interested in the world of design and specially in abstract painting. Little by little and almost unintentionally exhibitions and sales of paintings emerged. For 4 years I've been combining both worlds, painting and interior design, but currently I’m only dedicated to painting. The world of art is endless, you can be in a learning process for your whole life, thats why, today Im still working and learning every minute and from every brushstroke.



What does art mean to you?

To me art is a way of expression. I always say that the artist is a translator because he's the one dedicated to analysing the exterior world to later internalise it, interpret it and translate it to others. I think art is being in constant alert with your five senses, because art is everywhere, you just have to be very attentive.


Which artists are you most influenced by?

I have always specially liked the work of the painter Gerhard Richter and other more classic artists such as Chillida, Fernando Zobel, Turner or Sorolla. Lately I’ve been very interested in the work of a young artist named Margarida Fleming. But not only do I find influence in painters, but also in musicians such as Ludovico Einaudi, who's a pianist that I have been listening to for many years or architects like Gaudí whom I admire for his madness and his way of combining so many shapes with so much colour. All of them, in addition to many others, are an influence for me, since in art all disciplines are related.

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How does living in Bilbao impact your art?

Living in Bilbao has made me feel very close to nature, both the mountains and the sea. Here you can find inspiration anywhere. I have always said that the colours in the Basque Country look different, it is as if the light that more contrast making the colours more intense. There is nothing in common between a green from Castilla, light and almost phosphorizing, and a strong and dark green from Bilbao. I also love the presence of the light in this place because it rains so much and there are so many clouds, that when the sun comes out it creates so many reflections, light rays appear and disappear shimmering in the sea or the city itself and the sunsets are really beautiful, thats why I think that if you pay attention to what surrounds you you'll notice that living here is like living in a piece of art.


Did you always want to be an artist?

I have actually never considered myself an artist as such, I always tend to say that I am a girl who likes to paint. There are great artists like Van Gogh, Cervantes or Beethoven who have made history with their works, and cataloging me with their same “surname” gives me a lot of respect. I wouldn't want to be an artist because being it carries a lot of responsibilities. But I hope I will always remain “a girl who likes to paint”.

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 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

The best advice I have been given came from my mum when I was 16 years old and I was starting the course in a new school. Before I left the car she said “You can do this and more”, so every time that I find and obstacle in my way I remember that sentence. Also my sister María always says “Nothings gonna get in your way” because I always fight for what I want until the end. And if I didn't get it yet its because it is not the end.


Elisa is wearing the CASHMERE SHIRT






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