This is a collaboration between Pukas Surf & Cesar Fernandez. 


This time César’s signature sewn thread canvases are coated with resins on a very exclusive selection of 5 Pukas surfboards shaped by Axel Lorentz.

 A 9’0” Gun

 A 8’0” La Côte

 A 7’0” La Côte

 A 6’6” Lady Twin

 A 6’4” Lady Twin


Watching Cesar’s mathematical and artistic visions coming together on a surfboard is hypnotizing.

Born in Aviles (Asturias, Spain, 1979), Cesar now calls Bali (Indonesia) home, where he continues his exploration of new artistic narratives through mixed media. With a natural love to surfing and a gleaming Iberian charm, Cesar has grown a motley network of influence among surf colleagues and surf companies.


Kepa Acero played Cupido-role in this story. “You guys should meet each other” was all it took to project a collaboration composed of unique surfboards and clothing, followed by a trip from Indo to Asturias to the Basque Country of Spain.


Our design team at Pukas has collaborated with the artist Cesar Fernandez in the process of creating a limited edition clothing line.

More about César Fernandez

César Fernandez is a Spanish-born artist who takes a straight line and bends your mind around it. Quick with a smile and armed with a truckload of that amazing Iberian charm it is hard to believe he spends literally months of his life by himself sewing string onto canvases before coating the entire thing in fiberglass resin.

After completing his studies in performing and audio/visual arts, he worked for ten years in advertising and television with renowned companies strengthening his understanding of the commercial arts. Concurrently, during this period, Cesar began to explore new artistic narratives, creating a series of work and exhibitions based upon the elements surrounding him.

Follow his journey at @cesar_fernandez

More about Pukas Surf

A family-owned European legacy brand with a commitment to craftsmanship and quality, with a uniquely basque perspective and a focus on excellent design, aesthetics and creative direction.

Follow our journey at @pukassurf @pukassurfshop @pukasclothing

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