Fun, Proven Design & Gentle With Your Pocket ⚡️ Indio Surfboards

Fun, Proven Design & Gentle With Your Pocket ⚡️ Indio Surfboards

 For the family?

 For beyond endurance?

For lots of fun?

For light carrying?

For your first wave?

For performance?

For extra stability?

For transitioning board?

For big stress usage?

For happy pockets?


So Many Reasons to Keep Reading or Go and Get Your Very Own Indio Surfboard 


Indio Surfboards at Pukas Surf Shop

Ready to hit the water with and Indio Surfboard. Pic by Iñigo Agote.


Indio Surfboards were formulated to be suited for each member of the family so surf could be enjoyed through generations. Today, more and more families love to enjoy the waves together and, not only that, if you want to have lots of fun with your friends, these boards will suit diverse tastes and demands and will sure deliver when it comes to a great day of fun.

Indio Surfboards focuses on beginners and intermediate surfers. However, and this is no secret, more and more high level surfers enjoy the feeling that these beauties offer when they are given a chance for a flow ride.


 There’s No Otherness When It Comes To Indio Surfboards 


Indio surfboards have a proven design backed up by Pukas Surfboards knowledge and experience. Its heritage makes it a solid choice when it comes to versatile board that will bring lots of fun for you, for families, for beginners... you name it! And don't forget, this range of Indio boards are also gentle with your pocket.

Indio Softboards are used in the best surf schools across Europe, while the Endurance Tech with epoxy resins cover a vast range of designs for the intermediate surfer. Let’s just talk a bit more and take a closer look to these versatile treasures for the summer.


| INDIO SOFTBOARDS · It's Soft Spot, Your Best Ally in The Water 

This softboards, whether you are riding your first waves or you are a skilled surfer that wants to share the experience of surfing day with other members of your family, will meet your expectations.

Indio Softboards will keep in perfect conditions even after hours and hours in the water. These have been tested to be 24/7 in the water. Would you even be able to spend that much time surfing? Well, in surf schools we do test them like that and guess what: they pass the test with flying colors every time!


 WIDER + THICKER = EASIER | Can Get Simpler and Clearer Than That 

 Indio Surfboards at Pukas Surf Shop


Paula riding the Indio Pink Easy Rider. Pic by Iñigo Agote.  


| INDIO ENDURANCE · Proven Design & Gentle With Your Pocket

Indio Endurance is the perfect step forward on the learning curve after a softboard. One of the best allies when it comes to durability without sacrificing performance in any way.

Something distinctive that we love about the Indio Endurance surfboards is the look and feel they project. If you want a precious surfboard to look at with which you can spend hours in the water and won’t hurt your pocket, Indio Endurance will be your BFF for that.


 The Perfect Fit For, Literally, Anyone 


Indio Surfboards at Pukas Surf Shop

Friends having a blast on a surfing day. Pic by Iñigo Agote. 


Indio Surfboards had one target in mind; beginners and intermediate surfers. And Indio Surfboards have one goal in mind: to shorten the learning curve for beginners and help intermediates progress with beautiful and fun surfboards.

The result? Indio Surfboards have become must-have boards for everyone; from families to pros, to beginners and intermediates, with an incredible representation on most of the best surf schools in Europe.


Indio Surfboards at Pukas Surf Shop

Indio Endurance quiver ready to rip it. Pic by Iñigo Agote.  



Indio Surfboards at Pukas Surf Shop

Borja Agote with this summer's love, Indio Endurance Surfboard The Dab. Pic by Iñigo Agote.  


A good surfer and sparky commentator loved by everyone who enjoys good surfing. He started his YouTube Channel during COVID confinement in April 2020 and since then, he has gathered an army of fans that are not only loyal but also in awe with the informative and educational content that he creates. And so we are too.

 Army Fans in Awe; Us as Well! 

Borja has been a Pukas Surf collaborator for ages, but this relationship has rocketed our expectations this past year and we, as the rest of his fan army, are in awe with his quality content, charisma, positiveness, eagerness to teach and share with the surfing community and always ready to offer a good laugh. From all of the Pukas Team: Eskerrik asko. Thank you.


 | Borja's Indio Endurance Dab

This Postmodern Twin is the surboard that Borja Agote tried and could not let go of. His first “no-high performance Twin” won his heart and has offer tons of fun and salty days together.

This old school shape has been progressively updated over the years to match the modern surfing style, no wonder Agote likes it: retro+modern, what’s not to like in this combo?

The distinct fish outline will gift you with speed and traction and the wide nose and low entry rocker will maximize paddle power.

Indio Surfboards at Pukas Surf Shop

Borja Agote with his Indio Endurance Surfboard The Dab. Pic by Iñigo Agote.  



These two Indio surfboards can be called iconic among its style: the softboard Pink Lady Easy Rider and the Endurance Retro Fin, The Dab. We are going to talk a bit more about the two of them so you can get to know them a little better.

 Indio Surfboards at Pukas Surf Shop Indio Endurance Dab at Pukas Surf Shop


| Check the Indio Surfboards Collection >>

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